We FULLY understand the need to fidget! Our carefully curated collection contains a wide range of fidget items to help channel excess energy. Equip yourself with a variety of our chill fidget tools designed to slow you down when your mind is running at top speed. Click, spin, stretch, squish and twist our fidgets to your heart's content!
$22.99 $12.97

Stylish Fidget Pen

$12.99 $7.99

Popular Ring Fidgets

$21.99 $9.95

Metalic Spinners

$37.99 $29.95

Magnetic Fidget Cube

$18.99 $10.95

Snowflake Spinners

$15.99 $9.99

Fidget Sphere and Cube

$26.99 Sold Out

Metal Tri-Spinner

$19.99 $12.95

Lotus Flower Spinner

$19.99 $14.95

Orbiter Magnetic Spinner

$21.99 $13.97

Dollar Sign Spinner

$29.99 Sold Out

Multi-tool Spinner

$19.99 $13.95

Astrology Spinner

$9.99 $5.95

Bike Chain Fidget

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